Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Everyone!
Another week has passed. It has been a great one full of meeting goals.

This last week we had a goal to teach 75 lessons as a district and guess what we did it! It was great. Also I had a personal goal to eat only salads.....which if you know me you know how I feel about salad. I don't hate them, but I feel like they are a side dish. I have felt so much better not eating "MTC" food. My energy level was up and so was the general good feeling of being alive....not weighed down with fried food. 
So this week I remembered to bring my journal to email.....
Last week Hermana Thomas and I have one of the best conversations as a companionship. We had just taught "Flor" our investigator/teacher. The lesson wasn't going horrible, but I could tell that something was wrong with H. Thomas. After the lesson - she just broke down. She doesn't really cry. She said that she just realized that she needed me. She felt really inadequate in that moment. I was so grateful for this because some times we have a hard time togther - its bound to happen when you have spent so much time together. Ever since then I have felt more love for her and I think our companionship unity has greatly increased. I have also seen her dillegence level increase as well. We have been so much better this last week.

Hermana Thomas was asked to be the coordinating sister for our zone. I was so excited. We are getting 3 new there will be seven in our zone. We have had Hermana Loftus this week. She leaves tomorrow for the Dominican Republic. I am going to miss her. It has been nice having her in our companionship this week.

This week we have a goal to teach 105 lessons. Honestly it has been rough. Since Her. Thomas is coordinating sister - we have less time to teach because of meetings. So this has been a little frustrating. Also some of our appointments feel through (which obviously happens in the real world), which isn't that commmon here at the MTC. Our whole district is having a hard time meeting this goal. SO of course we are still striving to meet this goal. I am so glad that we have goals. They have helped me out the most.

So another great story from this week. We were teaching our tutor, Hmo. Penallilo aka "Paul." He was an investigator. It was our first time teaching him. In spanish he told us how hima nd God were going through a divorce. He wouldn't tell us why, he just kept saying "I don't know." Eventually I found the root of the problem. He is a doctor at a NICU here and he just saw a baby die, and the way it happened made me wonder if God really does love him (which is usually what we always ask first). I was able to not alone speak Spanish at him....but I was able to find a scripture in espanol and address his concern. I really felt like I was teaching by the spirit. I was so grateful for this experience. Some of our lessons have been so powerful. I really felt like the spirit was there and that I was focused on him and the words in espanol came. He said he understood everything we said....which is honestly amazing. We also taught two hermanas yesterday. We taught them about how they are daughters of God and how He has given them talents. I just love teaching, because it always strengthens my testimony as well.

So a crazy/sad/funny story - This last week we taught our new teacher "Erik" I have a really hard time understanding his spanish. Well we could not seem to get him interested in the lesson. We really tried to get to know him and I felt that it was great. Well two days later after the other Hermanas taught him.....we realized something.....We asked him about his family and we couldn't understand his response......he pointed up and I thought he said they lived upstairs.....BUT HE MAY HAVE SAID THEY ARE IN HEAVEN! You can all imagine my horror when I realized this might be the case! Crazy huh! Let’s hope that is not what he said.

Also I have had my testimony grow so much of Joseph Smith. Yesterday I read all of JSH and it was so great! I love the priesthood and how Oliver Cowdry talked about his experiences. The gospel is so amazing. I just love it.

So I miss all of you. Sometimes it hits me how long this all is. Sometimes I'm sad, but then I realize that I have to be here to help others find their way home. That is the only way! I really miss random really is great. Or warm winters.....

This morning we went to the temple....and it snowed again......and it was cold. The temple is so great. I am loving all of my experience and all of them are hard. I can't wait to look back and realize how much God has done for me and has helped me do for others!

I love you all....please send me mail!

Hermana Spencer

Shout outs:
Megan: Thank you so much for the letter it made me laugh so hard. I will write you one now that I have your adress.
Sallie: Good luck at school.
Meek: Thanks for the 2 letters.
Alice: I haven't heard from you I hope you are doing great!.
Happy Birthday to Melanie, Kali, Kip, and Chris and soon to be Meekayla and Sallie!

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  1. Her Spanish is getting better, and her English seems to be getting worse...I LOVE it!