Thursday, May 20, 2010

Virgins and Tennis

I have decided to update more because its nice to look back on your life every now and then. 
Today I woke up and went to IHOP to say goodbye to one of my co-workers, Theresa.

If you knew Theresa, you would understand why this is the picture I post of her. She studies the atmosphere.  This is a picture of her in Germany. She is a really awesome person. We h
ave worked together all semester. I really like her. She is doing research in Colorado this summer and then is doing a masters degree in South Dakota starting this fall. 

Then I went to work. I am pretty sure everyone thats reads this knows what I do for a job. I study fruit flies, or scientifically known as Drosophila melanogaster. I remember when I couldn't say it. My previous mentor always said the opposite Drohardia (get it?). Today I collected virgins...and to tell you how to do that here is a picture:

You can tell females / males are virgins by the black spot on their belly. 

I worked at the lab most of the day. 

Then the missionaries came over. My brother is meeting with them. That makes me super happy. 

Then a recent convert in our ward had a tennis match and we decided to go and support him. Megan made awesome T-shirts. We then finished off the night with sandwiches and frisbee at the near by park. 

It was a pretty good day. Now I am going to work on a couple of packing things before I go to bed. Next week I am moving houses. I am really going to miss the house I am in. It is home to me!

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