Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/10 Crazy Denver 4th

Dear Family and Friends,

Holidays really throw off things. We have not really had any time this week to email. So you will be getting double emails...sort of.

I am still here in Denver 4th! BUT, with a new companion, HNA. ROMERO! Hna. Coughlen is in Grand Junction baptizing thousands....or soon will be. Hna. Romero is from San Diego and has a transfer less than me, she loves soccer, and she was like less active forever!  (she told me what to say about her)!

So I am trying to remember what happened the last week of the transfer. ... ...

Hilda our awesome investigator is still doing awesome. On Sunday her and her husband went to church and to Sunday school. This class was the best class EVER! Juan, her husband, asked a question. I don't remember what the question was exactly, but he talked about being confused (just so you know we have only taught him once at this time). Him and Hilda asked lots of questions....then all of our less actives and recent converts that we visit answered. They assured them that everyone feels confused at one point and that is why we have church and they all bore their testimonies. IT was WONDERFUL. Hilda is also almost done with 1 Ne. She is loving it. Juan also wants to be baptized. We really hope that they can be baptized this transfer. They have several obstacles to overcome.

Also it has been an amazing week. I was really sad to see Hna. Coughlen go. I really do love her very much, but this week has been so great for me. I have been so blessed by Heavenly Father. My Spanish has improved, and so has my confidence. We have found some really great investigators and are just having a great time. I have really felt Heavenly Father's hand in the work this week. I was really nervous to not have Hna. Coughlen, but I realized then and now that I need to grow. I have a great goal! We have a section in the back of our planners to write down about people we talk to. I am going to fill it up and i am super excited. Yesterday I had an awesome experience with a Pentecostal! It was really fun to talk to him. I really hope that he talks to the missionaries when they stop by.

Also we have started a work out program....yep. I am so sore and every morning I think I am going to die. lol.

Also yesterday we were at a less actives house and her 19 yr old nephew was there. We were friendly with him and invited him to read the Book of Mormon with us. Well he leaned close to my companion...awkward. We invited him to an awesome ward activity and he asked if we would be there. We said yes and he said OK, I'll come. Then when we were leaving...I went to give a handshake while he was asking for a hug....then I freaked out and just said....WE can't hug! ... (Hna. Romero says that he had his arms all ready for a hug and I blocked it)...Then he shook my hand and hermana Romeros and ran upstairs. It was super funny and awkward. Poor guy!

So things are great here in Denver 4th! We have a great activity tonight Noche Latina. I am really excited to meet everyones friends and eat the food!

I really hope all is well! Love being a missonary!

Hermana Spencer

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