Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spoonfulls of Life Lessons

My life feels very mundane....

I wake up late...(always because I didn't go to bed when I should have)

I rush around trying to look like I spent more time on myself (and usually I fail)

I then run literally to work

I sit behind a desk working and watching TV (I'm almost to the third season of Bewitched)

Then....I hang out with someone/ something/ alone

Hopefully eat something

Sleep - not enough

I'm not complaining tons....I just wish life had a little more excitement.

Sometimes I think I'm not very well rounded, or in other words boring.

Putting aside all of these things - I am going on a mission and that is something to look forward to!


P.S. I am in love with blog stalking, sometimes I worry about myself :)


  1. I wish I could see the pictures! Probably something with my computer. You should invent something.

  2. The pictures didn't work on mine either. Are you still in LBK then? I should be calling you sometime this week!